why is my dad like this? why is he so... weird?

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my dad is a weirdo, plain and simple. but it’s not like he just acts like the normal weird everyone is use to, it’s different... when my mom is gone, he will start picking on me, or he would say mean things to me or my brother. he has good and bad days, not like what people would usually think i mean by this. on his good days, he isn’t mean to me or he isn’t mean to me that much. on his bad days, he will start fights, he will yell at me, talk about my mom in a mean way ALL while she isn’t home. one time, he started touching me, saying he wanted to give me a massage. (he is a massage therapist) i tried to move away because i was feeling uncomfortable, but he got mad at me (?). he one time blamed me for him and my mom arguing. he always calls me a liar if i’m sick, and tries to get me to admit it while my mom isn’t around. he calls me names sometimes, like liar, faker, baby, bitch (though the last one may be my mom) idk why tho, had i done something wrong? i also think he may be mentally abusive, but i might post a different thing about that