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Why the regrets?

Benjamin Disraeli said, 

'Youth is a blunder

Manhood a struggle

old age a regret.'

Sometimes the truth in this hits so hard. Why the regret though?

What is it that no matter what we do in life, we have major to minor to many to some to reasonable to unreasonable to healthy to absolutely unhealthy regrets. But they are there. Like always there. 

We just don't have the heart to accept that.

Why though?

I used to think that I'm gonna live a life with no regrets. But I realise that this statement is so superficial. It only takes into account that things we want to do, it doesn't take into account the things we have already done. 

In this we use regret as a thing in the FUTURE. But it is a thing of the PAST!

You can only regret something you have already done and not what you're going to do cause how can you regret without knowing the outcome?

Old age, primarily, is a regret of missed opportunities.

But it is so so stupid to think that way.

Regrets are stupid. Some that make you feel guilty for something bad you did, are actually good cause they prove where your heart lies, but they are unhealthy to hold on for longer.

Regrets are stupid because that are based on the 'what if?' phenomenon. 

Like, let's say you didn't follow your passion and played it safe with a job. Now you regret thinking, "Man I hate this job. I'm sad. I should've followed my passion. WHAT WOULD MY LIFE BE HAD I NOT TAKEN THIS JOB. WHAT IF, I HAD FOLLOWED MY PASSION?"

My question to you is,

How the hell can you regret a decision without being sure of the outcome!? 

Think about it. 

'What if' and 'maybe' are dangerous words. 

If you don't like your life right now, them get up and take control of it!

But please save your mental health the strain of thinking in directions you cannot turn back to. 

Stop thinking that regrets are an escape. No no no!

There are good regrets, I agree. They help us maintain our focus. They speed us up on our dreams. But the others? The one whose future you just cannot determine, LET THEM GO!

All I'm saying is, if your regrets start with a 'what if' or a 'maybe' an 'i wish I had', on a minor scale, like not going to a party or something, are actually okay, but on a major scale are harmful!

They are the ones you loose your sleep over. So if you can take control and make some better changes in your life, good. If not, ask yourself why the regrets?

Albert Einstein said,

'Mere thinking cannot lead us to the highest purpose.'

You know better than your regrets.

You are better than your regrets.