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Wife's nude breasts pressed by Male Doctor

Yesterday I had to visit the doctor for my wife with some pain on her breasts. In the clinic she had to remove her top and bra. With his gloved hands the doctor pressed her bare breasts in my presence and I could see her nipples hardening. Seeing some male pressing my wife's breasts my cock got hard with an excitement as he was testing. I checked whether the doctor is also having and hard cock. But in his gown it was not clear. I thought if it was gyno and he had to check her pussy what would be my condition. I may have cum in my pants. Have any one had such experience ?

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Re: Wife's nude breasts pressed by Male Doctor

A doctor would not have any kind of physical or emotional reaction. They spend years in medical school and years on the floor just to become a doctor. I mean for example me. I havent been to medical school but ive seen my fair share of porn. And to be completely honest, breasts disgust me. To me they are just balls of fat. The same fat you pour down the drain after cooking. And I say that becauee what happens when that cools off? It solidifies. So to me, breasts are just a ball of lard with surrounded by leather. Now with doctors, they handle it for a living. That would be like a computer programmer becoming sexually arouses by a keyboard. I often wonder what happens to the sex life of an oncologist, urologist, gynocologist, and especially a mortician. Is there a way for a professional to look past the mechanics and meat to find pleasure with their spouce? I don't know. But I've heard doctors talk about your very subject with regard to the penis and vagina. To them, its just another organ, another day at the office. To me, it's veins, bone, muscle, leather and lard with the occasional gland thrown in. I dont know dude I wish I was attracted to something again. But no. Doctors dont see it sexually at all. As to your reaction, maybe your arousal at someone else doing that to her is something worth looking at. What was it about that visit that you enjoyed?

No. My wife & I both saw female doctors. She’s very religious. I get excited if nude in front of any female. I’m attractive so seems to entertain them. My wife found it funny.

The nurses smile. Some docs do. Most don’t care.

A guy at work once touched my wife’s breast thru her shirt & bra. She call me. I show up & picked him up by his balls & shook him in air by his balls. He screamed in pain.

When we first married a guy tried to pinch her butt. She did a spin kick & broke his nose. I went down & he ran from me. She & I both lift weights & are martial artists.

At that time I benched about 600 lbs. weighed 285 lbs. so I’d say I’m the opposite of you.

That said so what. If you enjoy watching & she doesn’t mind then that’s your business. Just remember others don’t do such things.

They have swinger clubs. I’ve had swinging co-workers try to pick me up. Not for me but not my place to judge others.