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Will I ever be happy without you.

I miss my bad marriage..

We were married a long time.. he had a lot of hobbies..We had 3 beautiful kids. He cheated. I was devastated. I left him.. moved on.. and I can’t find happiness. I miss our life. He is now with a girl who he is devoted to. He has given up his hobbies.. he’s a great dad.. why was I not good enough. Just sad now and missing my family being together..

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Re: Will I ever be happy without you.

Im gonna assume, ya got together in the first place b/c of the passion shared for one or more of a hobby's life style?...Sometimes having that common interest blinds us to the red flags in the beginning. Ones that would have normally warned us of character defects, or traits/ habits we would find hard to live with...I always thought having a common interest in playin music would garntee a smooth sailing relationship with a gal but ???...LOL..Not sure how old ya are but lets look back to the 50s /60s marriage.Life w/kids, picket fence, dog, oldman workin , old lady home w/kids. house after house down the block and over 10 blocks was the same, with the same dayin/out routines.. Dad& mom fell in love, married and settled in this routine and my folks and most of my grad yr 78 class mate folks are still together 60 yrs later....Nothing in common but follow a natural "spark" that led to a love interest, leading to a plan for the future... then Kids, Dad , w/ job promotions/changes,traveling outta town, Mom ..PTA, sports team mom, bake sale mom,get the kids UP mom , then to bed ... mom... Dad & Mom FINALLY together at 11PM for Johnny.(you might be too young for this ref..LOL)

See where Im going with this?...PPl get together nowdays and like a white star, just simply burn out on one another, w too many "play pretty's" inbetween and I dont really mean options to cheat... Just other interests/curiositys that lure them "away".. I LOVED my life playin on the road 6-7 ni /wk, 49 wks a YR, BUT, my GOD, it got to where going down in the elevator, I was caught sayin "Id rather take a BEATIN than play tonite...I know when ya marry , its suppost to for better? or ..... you got it..BUT, are we being realistic w/ that here in the 21st? I hinestly dont know ANYONE , under 30, maybe 40? who's marriage has lasted more than 5 yrs?.. Have ya been on here long?.. OMG! all I see, MUCH to my dismay is women , who are alone now, w/ usually 1-2 kids and the oldman has cheated BUT, they're usually the useless parasites that were neglecting the live's of the kids, GAMING all day , or when work hrs were over...Post after post for 3 months now, showing this is epidemic....Glad to here your ex IS a good dad...(Rare...)...Id say you "ARE good enough, further more, which him being the cheater, a character flaw in HIS DNA, having nothing to do w/ YOU, HEEE is the one....not good enough...Ive had COUNTLESS ops to cheat over the last 47 yrs but b/c its not in my DNA to do so, I never acted upon it.... The RESPECT I had for myself and partner and a conscious that would haunt me, just as if killing an innocent man, would always put an end to temptation pretty quick..Guys like me used to be a dime a dozen.... The 21st???..Yeah, being a guy, having what He had, it boggles the mind..Ive been alone since 97.(I keep gettin zoned..LOL) Now w/ covid ruling our lives for the un seeable future, we're gonna have to think / ACT outside the box, to have any happiness...So sorry your feelin this way...guess thru all my jumbled rambling here (what a mess!..LOL) , Im just tryin to say your a VICTIM of the 21st, and you WERE and ARE good enough ..IDK? im older than you so I WIN...LOL... Seriously, I can feel these things somehow? id say your a killer mom as well...Is it hard continung the hobbies?..I guess you were doing them before ya met him though?...I know its tough this time of yr too,. Mom (81) passed back in July and even at 60 , its not gonna be anything like the other 59 yrs...Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and give my perpective and hope you can be w/ your parents/ and relatives this holiday season and wish ya companionship in the future w/ someone deserving of your commitment and values.