Will my family Accept me?

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My name is Charlotte , I am 19 right now... Soo, I found out that I am lesbian when I was around 17

The only person who knows that I was lesbian was my grandma. My grandma supported me a lot day I got courage to go to my parents and tell that I am a lesbian but....then my brother stops

me and says "WE NEED TO TALK." I had no idea what he wanted to "TALK ABOUT." but well... we

went to his room he started crying and said..... I am a gay....will you love me will you be my sister if I am a gay?

I was shocked and happy at the same time I.... said Don't worry I will always be your sister and i love you..

At the same time I told him that I was a lesbian.. Then, I asked if mom dad knows about this...he said no

So we have to tell our parents that we are a prat of LGBTQ+ community so we had a plane..........

To buy flags and write that we are a prat of the lgbtq community or something like that.. So the next day we

were already to tell our parents and....we though that we would go turn wise turn to show the flag But then-

Our door bell rings and then i go to open it and it was one of our next door neighbour who looked so mad

Without saying anything she came in went straight to my MOM and said "MY SON LIKES YOUR SON!"

My mom said " Huh?? your son is a gay??" she said "My son!?!? YOUR son is a GAY! My son told that he likes your son

and i asked him if he was a gay? he said no because he YOUR S.O.N IS GAY!!" My mom was speechless and I was too

My mom called my brother he came down thinking nothing happened but- he was wrong he said to mom that..

" Mom..i am a gay" and showed his flag I run up to him and said GO TO YOUR ROOM!! he said why?

Before i could anything my mom slapped him really hard and said I never Accepted this form YOU! and starts crying

and now our neighbour walks out and says Never met my son ever again you gay freak My brother went up to his room

i followed him up we cried non stop for more than a hour...... after that we had talked about everything to our parents but i didn't told them

that i was a lesbian so well Me and my brother are at our aunty's house and she loves us even tho we are lesbian gay and yeah

we are staying here until our mom an dad talk and welcomed us.....

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