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Wintertime Saddness.

I like someone I can't afford to. There's this girl in my class as she's breath-taking and so many other things can't explain and we just became friends after she got out of this unhealthy relationship and so she was in a bad space and I needed someone to talk to and so I reached out to her and everything was going well until it didn't. It hurts that I wait in anticipation to hear from her, to hear her laugh again would probably kill me. I hate that she has that kind of power over me - it scares me, and so I decided to convince myself that I don't like, I'm avoiding seeing any of her posts or talking to her. It's agonizing, it's what I imagine go to rehab for drugs feels like being.

I'm too young to say I love her, but it's the closest I've been to love at all.

Anyone feel this way?

Wanna email me so we can talk as friends?