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Hey, i have nowhere to write but i just want to express this feeling that i guess no one will understand. I fell in love with someone else but i have a perfect boyfriend. I know u guys must think im such a toxic girlfriend but believe me i try my best to forget him. For fucking 8 months i tried. but we keep coming back to each other. we know we love each other but i still know my place and put him in friendzone. i tried my best i mean we tried. he tried to forget me and so do i but we just cant because we will always run to each others back. we have been trying for several time. how to unfeel this feelings. this feelings is strong enough because i feel like him are my soulmate. everynight before sleep i couldnt stop thinking about him. idk, people said i have the best boyfriend that people could ask but believe me i want to be loyal to him also. i tried so hard and sometimes i feel like i dont deserve him. i love my boyfriend but why im feeling like this. im scared. im scared how heartbroken he will be if he finds out about this because i know he loves me so much. he would do anything for me. but he is too kind. i just want to cut one of them but i just cant. its hurt and its hard. im tired of thinking about this. please help me choose. i just love both of the. one is the love of my life and another one is my soulmate. i just can feel it.

*panda and tomato*

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I married my soul mate. 35 yrs. then her mom told her to divorce me & she did. She loves her mom more than me. Funny; I never told her to choose. But her mom did.

But I can relate sort of. I’m this beautiful man. If you saw me you’d stare at me. You’d probably wish you could touch me.

My eyes literally glow. It’s just a weird natural effect. Women stare into them & are mesmerized. Many women lust after me.

But I’m very sweet. Polite. Kind. Funny. In some ways I’m the man women dream of.

This has led many women to fall in love with me. But true love requires two people. If you & another are soul mates you will know it. I thought I had that. Then out of the blue mine divorced me. Turns out her soul mate is apparently her mom. Yet her mom treats her like a dog & makes her sad. I treated her like my queen. Like a princess.

So don’t be surprised if one day if all falls apart no matter what you fell. I still think of her endlessly. But she rarely acknowledges I exist. I know she loves me. But she has bipolar. She doesn’t seem to know how to deal with love.

Well, I think you need some time to know your feelings. It happens sometime. Sometimes we don't understand our true feelings and sometimes we consider 'infatuation' as 'love'. I think you need your 'me time' to think to know your true feelings. Take your time don't get in touch of both of them.

I am currently going through the same thing. You have a more complicated problem than I do. My advice would be that if you keep running back to him, and you keep trying to stay away, but know matter what you keep finding each other. He is your soulmate. There is this theory that some people are drawn to each other because their atoms were near each other when the universe was created and overtime the same atoms keep coming back together. He could be you soulmate, and you may hurt the person who you are with, but your intuition is telling you to go for the person you are drawn to. Life is about making choices, and this is one for you. I think you should go for it because you know he has feelings for you. With my situation it's not the case and I wish it was. If I had this choice I would go for him. You are not toxic, we are humans. In the end all that matter is that your happy, whether it makes other people upset.