Women are tech goofy

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Not all women of course. I have 4 female & 2 male roommates. We share one network & recorder. The women all try to record everything they randomly watch. They hid record entire series.

If you let them the whole thing gets full of stupid crap. Who needs 100 episodes when a show is endlessly on.

I’m constantly having to set it so they think it’s recording. Set to 3-5 episodes.

I also must delete crap they never watch. We keep different hours. I run TV as background to block them out. Same in other rooms. But when all their crap keeps try record at same times my station keeps go out & wake me.

Why do so many females not get that you can’t infinitely record everything on one device?

I like how they sneak in & eat each other’s food then lie about it. Also one keeps wearing my shorts so I wrote my name on each pair. She still wears them. So she leaves house in shorts with my name on them. That’s weird.

I didn’t think it thru. They say property of “ “. Now it looks like I’m dating a young hot woman. Definitely didn’t think that thru.