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Working for the NHS

Is it even worth working for the NHS anymore?

You're stripped of your identity. No colour, no makeup, no nails etc. We are expected (rightly so) to accept all people regardless of their looks/beliefs/skin colour etc etc But we are not shown the same curtesy.

No freedom of speech. No challenging the hierarchy. No pay rise, no appreciation. You're just a number. You're abused by users of the NHS. You bullied and belittled by the upper managers. You're blamed for everyone else's mistakes.

Is this world wide or will another country respect what I do? (ICU nurse)

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Re: Working for the NHS

Start looking for jobs in Dubai, Germany or Canada. It’s shocking that you’re treated like that. I heard someone saying that only nurses are having good jobs and are well treated at work. But I knew there was something up at the NHS. I’m very sorry this is happening to you and I really hope that you end up in a job where you are highly respected.