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WORKING WOMEN because we are against DOWRY

WORKING WOMEN because we are against DOWRY!!

Looking for working women in arrange marriage in middle class society of india is the new way of asking dowry. The women has to work outside and also take care of the home and family AND is expected to show no stress!! The guys in India are raised by the family as the king and during marriage proposal to a girl they say "we will look after her as a Princess". Unfortunately the princess of this new era has to work for the living (of course everyone has to) , support the husband financially and look after the family and house hold chores WITHOUT expecting any help from her new family. Well the guy and guy's family doesn't prefer hiring a maid for household work since they think that it is a women's work and no outsider should be allowed into the family. And dare he if he helps his wife in the house hold chores , he will loose his almighty masculinity!!

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Re: WORKING WOMEN because we are against DOWRY

My niece is dealing with that. I helped raise her so she’s like my kid.

I was the only Christian in my moms family. We are part black & have these crazy voo doo people in the family I stay away from. We are part Native American so there’s some of that. A lot of atheists. I’ve converted many of them by now.

But her mom was into voo doo. She didn’t teach them because of me. I’d mock it. Better than them believing in ghosts & stupidity. And neither of them take drugs which all the voo doo people seem to do. Well she started dating a Muslim Indian. He’s very sweet to me & to her.

But I warned her of how females are treated in that faith & your culture. Tried to get her to date a white Christian but she’s very tall. Her dad is like 6’9”. She’s got our giant frame. She looks like a shorter NFL offensive lineman. Very pretty though. Many of our women are bigger & stronger than most men. So he was the only male that seemed to love her at the elite school up north that gave her a full scholarship. I guess those rich white boys wanted a more feminine girlfriend. In my family the females know how to hunt & farm.

So it was all romantic until marriage. Shes adjusted to the faith. But his family comes & stays for months. They own a house in England. But come & stay for long stretches. They don’t do anything & bods her around. When she goes there the females do everything there & she & the kids just go places around London & Europe.

Her husband does let the kids listen to hip hop & dance. So long as they act right in their religious stuff. Well I do the same with mine in Church. Two of mine are back into Christian school. They are strict in the school. Only reason I let them in public was for sports so could play in college. They chose to quit sports.

Anyways she’s a doctor. He’s an engineer. They have this huge house. Now to be fair. He raises all these fruit trees; bees; & stuff on their large land. But she can’t hire help & does all the cooking & house work. She comes down & complains to me. I tell her you chose that faith & the Indian culture. It’s not West euro or Christian so accept it. But he’s a sweet guy.

She said well he’s demanding of their autistic kid. Well so was I. They told me he would never be functional or attend normal class. Well he graduated from a normal school. Took normal classes the last 9 yrs. is in college part time from home. Yes I was hard on him. But I showed him endless love too. When my wife divorced me she said your hard on him. I said yes & because of that he will have a life instead of sitting in a group home.

Make the best of it. If your single & unmarried you may choose to leave them after the pandemic if grown. Marry a Christian man. We are much more laid back. But marriage means nothing to modern Christians. My wife after 35 yrs couldn’t even give a good reason for our divorce. Yet she still calls me everyday. Best friends. Western women are very feminists. Her mom was one of those back in the 60’s. Her mom literally does not know how to cook; she can not iron; she doesn’t own s dress; she’s a smart ass who tells everyone off. Yells at people in restaurants. She wouldn’t spend time with her kids. They raised themselves. Oh she’s smart. Retired from very high level job. Was a college cheerleader. Was a model. Beautiful. But what an ass hole. So if you embrace our culture & faith accept that your marriage is almost certain to fail. American women trade men like they buy new shoes. Her mom married 5 times & had many men. Her oldest sister is even worse. They treat men like shit. But the look like models from magazines & make good money. Men are to be used for $ is how they seem to see it.

My mom went thru endless marriages too before she settled on one. Same for my oldest sister who is still clubbing. She’s over 60. She told me recently she’s trying to become a Christian & thinking about finally settling down. She’s over 60. So Western women are often loose; can’t love men long term; can’t honor marriage vows; can’t be bothered to raise their kids. And the average modern male is even worse. There’s a reason our Covid numbers are so high & we see nightly riots during a pandemic where we are suppossed to stay home. Why so many won’t wear masks. We have become a very selfish society.