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Workplace Affair

We first started talking back in February. Things escalated very quickly once we both realized our intentions. Since then, we've been hooking up at least once a week. This has been going on for roughly 6 months. I have a boyfriend and my coworker is married with three children (his wife was pregnant when we first got together). I have tried to take extra precautions because he has never used a condom. I started on birth control and I always use the restroom after we do the deed. But yesterday, he came inside of me and I am at the end of my Depo cycle (a birth control shot you get every three months). I am terrified that I will get pregnant and have to keep it (he does not believe in abortion). I am in no position to take care of a baby, financially or mentally. A part of me thinks my coworker is TRYING to get me pregnant. I have no idea why he would want that, but he has never used a condom or asked if I am on birth control. A very small part of me wants to have his baby, because the past few weeks I've been developing strong feelings for him. I don't want to be a home wrecker (it may be a little too late for that), but I can tell that something is growing between us. I know this is all super fucked up and I'm a horrible human being, but I needed to get my feelings out in the open for once.