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I am not sure if it's a real problem or am just overthinking it.I have never been in a real relationship.It's not like guys don't approach me I just feel like I can't take that next step and be in a relationship with someone.I don't have committment issues ,I geuss I never feel ready despite the fact that am now nineteen.I never express my feelings.I can't even tell a person how much I love them cause I'm scared am making a fool of myself.Or am terrified it will end and I will get heartbroken.I want to express love.I really do.But it's like so difficult for me to accept my feelings.I don't get myself at times.I feel like I have a problem.like I can never be myself around people that I may have a romantic attraction towards.and it scares me...

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Re: Worried

the only thing i can say is try it's all you can do or anyone can do https://youtu.be/r9bp50MHLZM hope this song helps a little its called if you want love by nf and it's really good in my mind. So again I hope it helps you out.<3<3<3<3 let me know what you think of it and if it helps!

Thank you.

The song definitely helped a great deal.

It terrifies me but I geuss I just have to go for it.