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Sometimes I worry I'm the only thing keeping my mom sane. My brothers and I used to get in trouble all the time but despite that, I always had a close relationship with my mom.

But a few months ago, my mom and dad divorced due to my dad cheating on her with a woman in her 20s and my dad got custody of my other brothers. Or more so, my older brother chose to live with him and my dad got custody of my younger brother and I chose to live with my mom.

After the divorce, my mom started smoking again and she started to drink a little wine almost every night. She still cooks but she barley eats.

She has started to have random moments of crying and she insists that I never leave her side. She has became overprotective of me and makes me promise that I will come back if I leave the house.

I have to call her when I arrive at the place where I'm going. I kind of forgot to do that yesterday and she had a full breakdown thinking I may have left her or been kidnapped.

None of this happened before the divorce and I'm just so worried about her. She's always been so strong and I once felt like she could do anything without fear but now...I want to help her but I don't know how.