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Worried about the future

To be honest, I don’t really know why I’m doing this, but I guess it’s because I don’t have anyone to go to about this without getting an entire lecture or an "idk". With everything about covid going around, my high school offered both virtual learning and attending the actual school. I decided to go with the virtual, but the counselors mentioned classes being changed based on availability. I’m currently enrolled for honors and AP classes, but it could change. Today at dinner, my mom brought up how I could lose the opportunity for dual enrollment for college. I don’t really understand the importance of college seeing as both of my parents are successful, yet they didn’t get a degree. I said that to her, and then her and both of grandparents started going on about how I need to be thinking about college as well as occupational opportunities. Every time I tried to explain how I wasn’t interested in college, I was shut down and told that I’m going to need the degree. I know that I shouldn’t complain about this and I should be grateful, but I can’t help but get stressed out. Since the 7th grade, my mom has constantly repeated the "plan" for me starting from sophomore/junior year. I’m not really doing this to be acknowledged. I just wanted to be able to vent without being judged by family members.