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i've been in a toxic relationship for 26 months, my ex boyfriend literally took me for granted, yelled at me for doing nothing, which had me being mentally exhausted and i've had enough so i broke up with him. he threw spitful words at me, spreading false rumours about me to his friends so right now, after 10 months, u've been shutting people out of my life until my friends asked me to at least give a chance to this new guy, so i did. for the first time in 10 months, i opened up. baby steps they said. it was nice knowing this guy but then after few days, he started to mention about his ex girlfriend, on how he couldnt forget their beautiful memories, on how that girl is the kindest woman hes ever met- dont he seem like he still hasnt move on from his past yet ? his first intention wanting to talk to me was to flirt with me then why the fuck hes still talking about his ex girlfriend ?! fuck the guy who still hasnt move on from his past and just wanna use me to forget his past. i fucking just opened up and this fucking happen and im- tired. too tired