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Worst dad

My dad is just making me waste a whole year of time and is not caring about my education. He is less educated than my mom and he doesn’t even listen to anyone and makes his dumb decision. I can’t stand him anymore I said him that he needs to do find out about the college and then talk but he just ignores my words. I tried to convince him for several months but nothing changed. I just want to end my life 🙂

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Re: Worst dad

Ending life over college? Come on. Get an education. Get a job. Pay your way. Take anything else you want. I have 7 degrees; not for space industry which is what I ended up doing. I’ll say this. I wanted to teach history & in Air Force. Wife talk me out of both. Companies start offer me all these great jobs in college. They’d come to school; talk to professors; talk to me, offer me jobs. I took best paying one. I hated it.

Get a degree. That can help you get all kinds jobs. Then apply credits towards something rather do.