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Worst thing I've done in my life

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So I was 12 or 13 at the time and I just moved to a different city because my mom married. At this point I have pure animosity for my step siblings but not the father( because I've known him for my whole life). My step siblings were 4 and 5 or 5 and 6 idk but it doesn't matter to much.

I just started to learn about sex Ed and while they taught us about how the penis and vagina worked and how if you do stuff like that a need protection we were never were taught how to start it or how to make the person hard or wet. So me being curious I took these questions back home and I wish I just asked because fuck I hate what I did. So one day my mom had to go and left me with the kids while my little brother was playing games I got sister and just started licking her bellybutton it never progress more then that but it happened multiple times like 3 times and once with my brother where I asked him to close his eyes and I lead him to to my penis and asked him to tell me what it was. He responded with" your pee pee" and I fucking shuttered at how gross I feel and told him it was my thumb. It kinda got forgotten but dude to covid, It snuck back up on me and now I feel like a fucking pedo and it's gross. I don't see siblings in a sexual way but when I think of what I did my penis starts to detract?? It kinda hides and the more it does that the more I feel like ima a pedo but I know I'm not. I've looked at loli stuff to make sure and it doesn't arouse me or peak me I feel awful and in your opinion, do you think I'm a pedo? If this gets lost so be it. Thank you for read fuck my life.