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I feel so useless and worthless, and i barely have any talents. Just today i was told one of my pretty, fit, kind, and athletic cousins got into a competitive high school dance team in the U.S. Another of my cousins just got their dream job. I feel happy for them, but it just adds to these horrible feelings. I don't want to, but I kind of blame my parents. My mom was actually going to the us with my aunt, but she met my dad and stayed where i live. I find my mom gives us a little too much choices. I was given a tablet when I was 4 and I've almost never been restricted with food. I'm not forced to do anything. But I wish I was. Now i'm a fat, ugly and I stay inside on my device all day. I wish I was born in the U.S with my only cousins who are similar in age. I wish I was put into extracurricular activites instead of on a device as a kid. My parents are wonderful, but I wish I could've been born with opportunites. But life isn't fair, and it won't ever be.