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worthless lady.

I feel worthless, I feel unloved and weak. I can't accept myself anymore. My boyfriend says that I have been annoying this whole month because I am not trying to feel better as I feel a bit depressed as a result of being quarantined for 4 months. He sees that I am unbearable even tho i supported him for more than a year as he faced lots of problems in his life till I started feeling drained. Some days I am energetic and fun, but some days I vent out and start crying because I feel heaviness in my chest. When I vent out he started getting mad at me because he doesn't like my way. But I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF, I CAN'T KEEP repressing my feeling!!! yesterday after 3 hrs fight and long criticism of me, he said he will be there for me. I called him twice today, but he didn't pickup then texted me " I am okay, but I don't feel like talking to u today". I apologized over and over for making him feel that way. I wish he breaks up with me and be broken alone instead of seeing him unhappy because of me.

I feel worthless,ugly,stupid, useless.

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Re: worthless lady.

Shut the fudge up you beautiful girl!

Do not let other people's opinions and words determine who you are.

They are just bunch of unwanted potatoes and probably don't even know what they want in their life.

Whatever it is, be yourself and love yourself!!!

Don't let circus clowns talk shit about you.