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Am i worthless for being 25, mentally ill, and still living with my parents?

i'm in therapy. i fight everyday to not be suicidal, can't help but feel like i'm not worth anything.

i try, i make steps, i try to move more, eat less, take care of myself. but i feel like nothing i do makes a difference.

sometimes i just think my parents made a mistake having me, i'm clearly not going to be the family pride any time soon.

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Re: worthlessness

"Having you is not a mistake." is the only thing I could imagine if I am one of your parents. For them, a child is a blessing, so you are a blessing. Whatever those things that make your mind a mess, I believe you can go through that. Fighting for your recovery and showing your strongest side could be the best thing to show to your parents how willful you are to conquer the beast inside you. I know your parents will be proud of you someday if you will succeed in your therapy. So never lose hope and stop risking your life. We all have different battles to win over. Some people may have undergone worse than yours. We are all worthy to continue living, and you are so lucky to have those 25 years on earth, being with the people you love. If you die now, think about all the people who will be left behind. Think about your parents. Think about the places you wanted to go, the dreams you wanted to come true, the people you'll be meeting in the future. Life isn't always the worst, it gives you the best as well. That's how complicated it is, but its fun to challenge yourself to go further of where your fate will take you. Aren't you curious of what kind of person you'll be after 10 or more years? That's the beauty of life, to experience the unknown future. So stop ending things, you deserve to live the way you wanted to and you'll see the unexpected beauty of living. Hope this encouraged you. I'm a friend from afar, who wished you to live your life to the fullest. God Bless! Wishing you to get well the soonest... ^_^


I know how you feel. I have battled depression my whole life, suicidal thoughts anger problems. Especially in my late 20s. I promise you things will get better. Sometimes u need to make a big change. Move locations if possible. Meet knew people or find a passion. Guitar, bicycling, boxing, camping, fishing, millions of new things out there. Your still young it’s ok it’s not your fault. Just relax and take it slowly try new things meet new people. Next thing you know ur happy again.