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Would this be related as domestic violence?

My dad completely went crazy today. I believe he has his reasons but everytime I see my dad, it seems like he has a GREAT disappointment with everyone in our family, either me, my mom but never my brother, who is autistic and is 26. My dad carries guilt because he wasn’t around much when were kids. My mom was always and is always taking care of my brother. I honestly do not know how strong my mother is! She stopped living because of my brother. She has no life. I look into her eyes and I always see deep deep sadness and emptiness and hopelessness. My dad was drunk today and told my mom she never took care of my brother. She lives for my brother. My dad threw his phone at the wall three times, then smashed it on the table, broke some glass, there was glass everywhere. My dad has been a fucking ASSHOLE lately. My mom told him to stop pointing the finger at her because he was very aggressive and then the son of a bitch went to sleep and there was my mom with a sad face as usual and me wanting to punch my dad even if I was getting beat afterwards.