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wow sexuality crisis go brrr

warning: mentions of inappropriate stuff

so, i've learned that one of my friends did you know what as an elementary schooler, and it's really making our friendship really awkward because i just- i dont like that kind of stuff and it makes me feel weird to just know that some of my friends already started doing it. i dont think im very interested in "peepees". does this mean that i'm not straight? i dont think im straight, but i dont feel comfortable with being identified as LGBTQ either, because im worried I'll end up actually just not having found my type yet and my friends will start including me in their talks about being wlw (?) even though i dont even know what they're talking about and i dont think im that interested in girls either... and I've been projecting lots of characters as Aro/Ace lately so that might be what i am but I'm not sure if that's really what I want to call myself or not... like, I'm fine with you know what if it doesn't involve me, but as soon as I'm put in the equation, but as soon as it's about me it becomes taboo in my mind. What does that mean I am?