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wtf is wrong with me? Why does everything i do turn to shyte? I fail at everything i do always and never flourish, am useless at doing anything and mess it all up i think it started in primary school and went further down hill from there, i cant remember being teased about my looks or anything but i do remember getting into some trouble and fighting with boys. When i started high school is when the real trouble started i just didnt handle it well, the segregation and seperation of my peers the constantly changing of teachers and rooms and the levels of the students lessons, i started getting teased for my looks and intelligence (lack of ) i couldnt keep up with the work it was hard for me i didn't get it, i was always asking my "friends" for help i never understood any of it and that meant i failed in every subject and everyone knew it. So my high school years were awful and i could not wait for it to be over. I left when i was sixteen. Pretty much done nothing and been no where im a bloody no hoper a drain on society never had a proper job my whole life ive relied on others for most things and i can bearly get out of my own way. I hate everything about myself and am ashamed i have wasted my whole life being inadequate and wrong about things all the time having absolutely nothing going for me at all. Dont know how ive lived to be the age i am now thought i would have died already by now. 😢😢