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Wtf should I do

So my cousin (13m) is round my house (I'm 14f) with his little sister while their parents are both at work (restrictions are lowered here) and I was laying on my front bed because my stomach hurt and my cousin joked about incest and I said that was inappropriate and to stop and he said haha imagine if I just humped you and I kept saying no but he kept going and I'm in my room alone after he had gone and idk what to do, I felt bad talking to anyone else and I don't know if it counts as rape because I pushed him off almost instantly and I can't tell my parents or anyone because it was a joke and I don't want him to get in trouble but it still made me really uncomfortable

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Re: Wtf should I do

Yeah guys are weird, you're fine though just don't hang out with him. It's not that big of a deal, your weird younger cousin tried to hump you once, that's definitely not rape lol, if you wanna set him right just give him a stern talking to and tell him if you ever catch him pulling that stuff again you'll tell his parents and your own parents as well as his friends and so on, that ought to scare him straight