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I wasnt able to go out with him and his friends today because my mom didn't let me go out, he ignored me until i finally called him and he said he was sorry but it just made more angry, i don't know why i got mad when he apologized. It felt like bullshit and even right now he's at the mall and I've texted him but he wont answer me even tho i know his bitchass has at least 2 minutes to spare to respond. Its so frustrating i don't know how to handles this because it isn't his fault i wasn't able to go it was mine. I've been so fucking tired, all week has just been problem after problem. My household is shit, my school life is shit, and my friends act like i don't exist. i was so excited to go with them when my mom told me i couldn't go i cried all morning. I've been crying all day, i tried distracting myself but i just feel the frustration and anger welling up inside me again