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Yea i dont really know..

When i was 11 i would wrap my hands around my little 4 year old brothers neck, and choke him, for like 10 to 30 seconds which prob was very uncomfortable.

And when he started crying i would squish my hands around him and tell him not to say anything.

He would always stay quiet so its okay lmao.

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LMDAOONHEVIUE what the fuck. I can't judge you though because when I was 12 (I'm 14 now) I would force my little sister (she's 5) to watch porn and then when she did I would go tell my mom that she watching bad stuff and she would get her iPad taken . I would also lock her in a dark bathroom for 15 minutes and tape her mouth shut and then beat her when she took the tape off

ik i sound Like lovely peaches but I promise im not :)