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i feel like i sort of- attract- death- it sounds weird but my sister has attempted to commit suicide twice, both i had ti stop, my friend tried twice, once involved me the other i stopped- two of my other friends are becoming suicidal- family members die yearly- ive thought about it sometimes - i shouldn't be acting like this though- because its not about me,nothing should be about me in this- but its starting to set in- i feel like a bad luck charm- nothing good happens around me- hah- this gives me bad poem vibes.

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Re: yep

Hey. I'm sorry to hear that people close to you have tried to commit suicide, and your family has experienced intense loss. I'm sure it's something hard to cope with, and managing to stay strong is almost impossible.

Usually, when things like that happen, we accuse ourselves, and think we are somehow responsible for the disasters around us. You shouldn't be ashamed of doing it, however it is really important that you understand, that sometimes it is just the way things are. It's not you who attracts death. You are just unlucky enough to be in the centre of misfortune, and that does not mean you are cursed.

You will see that as time progresses, things will get better and better. Stay strong.