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I’ve been hiding for so long, these feeling they’re not gone. Can I tell anyone?

Afraid of what they’ll say so I push them away, I’m acting so strange....

They're sooo pretty, it hurts. I’m not talking about boys, I’m talking about GIRLS. They’re so pretty with their button up shirts.

I shouldn’t be feeling this but it’s too hard to resist soft skin and soft lips. I should be into this guy but it’s just a waste of time. He’s really not my type, I know what I like.

No, this is not a phase or coming of age, this will never change!

I don’t know what to do, it’s not like I get to choose who I love.

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Re: Yk?

Omg you like girl in red?? Me too! (Btw, I’m the author of “Bisexual Dreams” Please give advice to that article 😁)

I also love the songs 1950, We Fell In Love In October, and I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend. (Yup, imma hopeless romantic)

Idk I’d you found this song from TikTok, but either way it’s cool. Thanks for the wlw representation!

Lmao heyyy, it’s the OP. I was waiting for sumone to respond! I will definitely give u sum advice. Girl and red is my second fav, King Princess will always be my first🥺