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You are surrounded by people?

In today's world, many of us are socially so connected to each other but in reality we're not. Everyone seems very nice but when you starts to dig their past , some massive thing you found. Almost everyone is lost in their own problem. No one have peace in their mind. Today I want to share a story of a girl who lost her life because of two guys. All that was started from her 8th standard, she was Naina. Naina was so active, agitile, attractive and beautiful girl. she was also an innocent girl. she was not known to the the selfishness of the world. Those were the time of making friends, chilling out and having parties for her. She was living her life very beautifully. She has name and fame, just everything. But this was not liked by everyone. when she started to talk a boy . Her life change drastically. She only went down and down and down. In between she had come to close another boy who in the last did the same thing like earlier boy had done with her.She was neither close to her family nor to friends. In life what she had . she was only get betrayed. And in four years, she lost her mental balance completely. she loved both boys at a time. Both betrayed her. She can't bear the breakup and paased away.

What those two boys had done with her, if you wanted to know wait for my next artical.