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you dont have to read.

Im in class right now , bored and came here . i feel so drained and i have a bright future atleast i want that but its hard i have this thing im not sure what but its so damn hard to focus and im failing alot of my classes and i dont wamt to let my mother down , ive lost a good friend of mine and my lifes messed uo i have a boyfriend but i feel like hes just not trying anymore and not putting effort. I dont wanna be annoying but i just wanna tell him i love him every minute, my ex texted me today and were cool now but i just know that ill catch feelings for him again and likeee i have a bf so i cant but i want to so bad but i wont bc my ex hurt me like alot and these girls that are way older than me wanna jump me l0l and i cant do what i want im always busy and i cant enjoy life the way i wish my mom doesnt like my style of shoes so i cant get it and im not confident enough to tell her stuff about me i know shell judge me. these are my feelings and i want to xut but i promised my cousin i would never do that to myself so i wont.