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You don't have to read, if you do, any advice?

I'm currently 14, and I've struggled with weight since I was 11. I've been showing symptoms of an eating disorder for a while but now it's getting worse. I don't want to go into detail why but from the age of 8-12 I was severely bullied (physically). I write down what I eat and it went from 2000cal a day to 900cal its getting worse and I have no one to talk to, I'm also being tested for autism and my mom says I'm just lazy and that I don't try hard enough.

If you read this I just want to say thank you, any advice?

- E

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Re: You don't have to read, if you do, any advice?

Try to slowly break free of your mental diet. Try to set yourself a healthy goal and work towards it. Remember, there is a reason that those bullies specifically chose to pick on you, and its probably because they are jealous of how amazing of a person you are. Tough times might have come by, but they are a test to strengthen you for the future, so give it your best shot.



First off you are too young to be dealing with something so traumatizing. Your mother clearly doesnt understand what youre going through. This is tough, dont be hard on yourself. I think you should seek a counselor. Loving yourself is something we are not taught to do. Yet, it is so important with being truly happy in life.

Hello E,

Firstly, don't let anyone else tell you what you're feeling. These are your feelings and emotions and no one else knows them better than you do. So stop listening to you mum if she says you're lazy. 90% people don't even consider mental issues as something important and there is literally no benefit in explaining you problems to people who will never understand them.

Secondly, eating disorders are a huge issue. I myself feel like I'm developing one these days and it's kinda traumatic for me because food is practically my life. But I'm also dealing with anxiety these days to maybe your aversion(sort of) from food can be due to trauma(as you mentioned about your past) or anxiety. I guess, anxiety can be a reason. I don't know exactly what to advise you because I'm not a psychiatrist and i can never understand your problems better than you but I'll give you a few suggestions, that include–

1. Don't think about your weight. You are just 14 and this is the age where you should enjoy you life to the fullest rather than worrying about obesity or some shit. You can take care of your weight when you're 18 or above coz it's never to late to join a gym and of course what are gyms for?

2. Eat like your eating the love of your life (lol, don't take it otherwise). Treat food like it's the best thing in the world! You can start cooking as a new hobby and when you'll cook something the excitement of eating that will me more so that way you'll eat more

3. Find a person who actually respects your mental health and whom you can trust with your problems.

It's not easy to open up after what you've experienced but if we have to live then we gotta make some efforts to make surviving better. And lastly, I really really respect you for being so strong and amazing even after facing all this. You're one pf the bravest human I've even heard of. You're amazing and I'm not lying, I swear to my god. You are amazing and don't let anyone tell you anything else.