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You got this :)

Recently I have been thinking about committing suicide, I know I shouldn't be saying on a random site and should be talking to someone about it but how am I supposed to bring up that I want to kill myself? The thoughts have gotten worse recently, I now know what I will do before ending my life. I'm gonna clean my room, probably get rid of some private stuff so my family doesn't have to see that side of me after I die. I want to say I love you to all my friends and family, give them a hug before I go. I want to talk to my dad again, see how he is going. Give my best friend a pep talk, telling her that she is one of the best things that has ever happen to me and she deserves that whole world. Write multiple notes to friends and family saying how much I loved them.

I still don't know how I'm gonna do it, maybe the thought will come to me soon. I know there is so many things to live for but it's hard to reach them when I'm constantly sad and in pain. I know that this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but I really can't deal with my mind, my body or my life anymore. The world is fucked and we are gonna die in the end, you either die, someone kills you or you kill yourself, why wait when it could all end.

I'm only 16 and I already want to die, I tell all my friends that they can do it and get over it but I can't bring myself to listen to my own advise.

Who ever reads this, thank you. I believe in you and keep going. I may not live to see another day but I know you can! I'm proud of you for making it through today :)

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Re: You got this :)

Honestly idk how to say this without putting it like those "omg i can relate" things but i understand though not onbiously in ur way of struggling in life but im 15 and honestly these thoughts have been on my mind too. But its mostly because i feel like a burden to everyone and ive done so many mistakes everyday and it keeps getting me down.

I thought i was getting better i stop self harming but the thoughts do show up. Now, i think its good u put this up bcuz seeking help can be wrong too tbh and theres a lot of us who literally have the same dreadful thoughts like you or like me and so many more. While reading this, i smiled the part where u talked abt ur father im just gonna say (tmi) my father passed away so really made me smile and genuinely cry too. Like i said simmiliar thought but different reason, different person.

I understand you but i wouldnt say i relate to u because we both perhaps have different thoughts yet both of us think of committing suicide. I have done it unfortunately, it felt worse then i thought. I was about to jump off from the window of my room when i heard my brother coming in. He was saying he needed help with homework and mom was busy. I can imagine the thoight of him seeing his older sister dying in front of his eyes. I got scared and havent tried for a while. So idk. Its scary yet its still goes in our mind. Sucks i guess. But you got this i hope you find ur way to be stronger โ™ก

I know I am not capable of helping you but I want to recommend u something.

Please check this out. I am sure it will make you feel better. I promise. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


Btw it needs more than 300 characters to be published so plz don't mind๐Ÿ˜‚:


I have attempted suicide and fortunately I failed at that attempt. I was 23 when i tried it now I'm 47. My Depression was an addiction for me. I constantly told myself bad things about myself. I could not stop telling myself bad things about myself. In fact I didn't realize that I even had a choice to tell bad things to myself. Those thoughts were extremely dangerous and nearly cost me my life. Just because my mind would say negative things about me does not mean that those things have to be true. I eventually learned to escape from those thoughts. a skill that is not easy, but completely saved my life. I had to tell myself that when my mind was saying negative things , that those things aren't entirely true. I would literally have to disagree with myself and then very importantly do anything to get my mind occupied with another subject. this is not impossible to do. It is hard yes, but not impossible at all. You obviously have a huge heart with a lot of love inside it. That is a very good thing to have. My heart truly aches for you right now. I've been through what your dealing with now, and i know how hard it is. You are not alone in this world, Please tell yourself every time you start to feel bad, that you are good for something , you will be good for something, you will find it, you will get better at it. Say these things out loud to yourself, it helps drown the sound out of the negative thoughts, saying positive stuff out loud helps me. Say positive stuff to yourself Please, Please Please at least try it a few times, I've been practicing this skill for 24 years and I still have to do it nearly every day, but with time it gets a lot easier , I am on my way to becoming the person I want to be. I think a lot of us, are only on our way to becoming the person we want to be. Please try the positive thing it definitely worked for me. On my computer I have a sticker that reads " YOU CAN DO THIS"

Well I won't stop or sympathize you, because I'm also on the same way though I'm 19. I've set a final goal to be achieved which will decide my fate, that is 6 months away. I'm determined for that goal, but somewhere I'm preparing for the other chance too, reading Derek Humphry's Final Exit. Just telling you... Hope you don't do any silly attempt only to break a few bones or wake up paralyzed in a hospital bed after a week.

I wish you a good life till you live.