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You hurt me bad

All those toxic traits you had,

Always blaming me for things tryna make me feel bad,  

Saying we’d done stuff we hadn’t to everyone, 

Then denying it, and saying you wanted me for the long run 

Your controlling and jealous ways, 

Texting all my friends demanding if I was okay 

Lying to me about stuff 

Making me feel like I’m not good enough 

How did I stay with you so long?

When you treated me so very wrong 

I lie awake asking myself this

And Torment myself about why I let you have my first kiss 

But for the first time in forever feel like I’m free

For those blue eyes no longer work on me  

Given me a lot to work through            But I’ve realised I don’t love you like I used to 


Now my value and worth I have learnt 

And deserving of it you weren’t 

I’m working on me 

And for the first time i think I’m becoming the best version I can be 

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come 


I don’t love you like I used to