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You just really need you stop

You're not his gf ... At all and you probably need more help than you think. Psychological help , I think you're literally allowing you envy to eat away at you. So you fake an illness so you don't have to eat. Even though I've seen you eat food you brought home from when you've gone out. The leftovers. I think you do it to keep up a persona , I'm starting to think it's been you this whole time behind everything. Because things are changing, I started changing things and becoming the topic of discussion. The new addition to the family, that was coming between you and whatever unhealthy relationship you two had. It's not wanted . He wants something real that he doesn't have to hide. Now he has it, I think you're using your lack of eating as a way to punish yourself and him because he's moving on and it's not with you, and in the end you'll be here. You wouldn't have been alone I actually thought you and I would have been friends. Though, it's starting to become clear that maybe you need counseling before that will happen.