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I'm so tired. To sum things up, I am a terrible, inconsiderate person. Heck, in advance, sorry if my issues have bored you. My mind is just torn in two broken pieces. There's one part of me that is relieved. Relieved I can do what I want, and say to myself the bad, ugly truths I deserve to hear. Relieved that I don't have to worry about eating, because I shouldn't anyway(eat), because the people around me, my friends, haven't noticed if I haven't been eating, or simply don't care. Its not a happy part of me...its the insecure, lonely part that doesn't think I deserve anything but pain, but misery. Then..the other part. The part of me that just wishes someone cared. Someone that would actually care if I wasn't there, or someone to care if I wasn't treating myself fairly in their eyes, even though I deserve whatever pain is thrown to me. Anyway. I completely understand if no one cares about this, either. Everyone has so many problems of their own, which isn't fair on anyone.. OK. I'm done venting.

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