You remember when you dreamed about me while you snoozed

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I'd fuck you...

I'd tie your hands above your head

And tie your legs wide

I'd play with you

Make you call me daddy

You can be my little pillow slut

Suck on your nipples

Tease you clit with a vibrator til

You begged Daddy to stop

I would......

Stop using the toy

Then start using my tongue

And fingers til you've completely

Soaked the bed

I want to fuck you so good you cry tears of passion

I love it when you cry and you let me hold and comfort you even if it's just for a moment til you sleep. I'll kiss your forehead and untie one of your hands before I leave...

.... I know you read the others I've posted

You even strolled around in your shorts for me today...

such a good little slut