You still have a presences in my dreams

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It’s been years since I’ve seen you I’m in a whole new relationship with a beautiful women........... And yet I have these intense dreams of chasing you. Why? Why now all of the sudden? Why are you on my mind so intensely. I know you don’t think about me and have a family or in a relationship of your own. So why do I dream about you. Why does my heart carry such a heavy footprint. I’m not saying it’s bad I’m 32 and thinking about our past brings a certain easy of some sort thinking that if we were to meet now we would be so different from then. When were kids with no problems.

M. I hope your doing well and really hope your happy in your life right now. I guess it’s true when they say you never forget your first love. Even more true to always hold a place in my heart for you.

With love STILL (LOL)