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You won’t believe it :)

You won’t believe it... yes u won’t , but I g u don’t even hav to tbh it’s fine if u don’t lol. But it is believed that I am a very spiritually Superior being here in the world to make it a better place... spiritually superior as in like a God Son something like thing... so it’s like I’m a modern era guy I don’t believe in shit until I see facts and proofs but that’s what shook me coz when I actually went into the detail it actually made complete 200% sense... okay so I AM A GOD SON here with a purpose... but guess what it turns out that I’m being a disappointment to all the abilities I’ve been gifted with coz I was into regular people shit where teens hook up recklessly and stuff... but that’s what teens are supposed to do I g it’s the age and hormones isn’t it? So to fulfil my purpose and do justice to my abilities I really need to set an example by living my life in the most ‘ideal’ way as per the spiritual logics... big problem rn here is not having any kind of physical relationship with someone before u actually get married... I’m fucking 18!!!! My body is Changing and hormones are all over the place but I just can’t have a physical like physical relationship with anyone and this is really taking a toll on me..: not that I wanna go out there and hook up with the first person I see... but still having a complete no in that zone is a really stress coz that just leads u to excessively jerking or something I g ... does that bring me to the same level if I was to happen a physical thing with a girl ? Lol thoughts like these really make me crazy lol. Idk lol