Youtube is just a psy-op at this point

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There are people "debunking" people which then get debunked and the people who debunked them are also getting debunked a few months later. Its creating a mentality online that you cannot take anything at face value anymore. I dont even watch the drama part of youtube, I'm not 12, but its everywhere, every topic now has this person who gets exposed for scamming or doing something shocking and then the people who exposed them are also exposed. The people exposing larpers are larpers. this type of larping is unnatural. Its not in the realm of acceptable behavior and it doesn't fall under mental illness either. And if you live on youtube like me because of rona year it really has a negative effect on how you look at people. The crying, the snot, the tears all being exposed as fake is draining and it makes you wonder are people lying and manipulating this much in real life and most of us just dont pick up on it? Also I've seen someone switch personalities in the blink of an eye right in front of me in real life so seeing it in click bait everywhere is just disgusting.