Z 2016 love story

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i met this lad in 2016 while i attended a community college I never wanted to go to there was a emotional high an a pull I would share all my dirty secrets of where I had messed around intimately but I fell hard emotionally for that person after my college course's id see him I recall giving this man the biggest bear hug & kiss in return. I kept that person lock away deep inside for three years there were days were I had yearned to see him wanting too feel touch. he was a marine successful stable stubborn and soft and sensitive initials KRM were his. I saw him around someone younger by the initials JJ did it hurt yes I held it in but in that year I still loved him but I knew the gal he was with would run off with his good friend kason. W. the marine i knew in my gut feeling he go for another gal and then knock her up with his child it was then 2018  he had asked me on number of occasions if we could hang out i did not want to hang out or chill i wanted the proper response which i wanted a date a gentlemen would asked tat question i knew what the hang out meant it meant drinks and having a dirty session but he was also attached to his woman still at that time . it was then 2019 they parted ways he asked me then again the same question improperly i was waiting for the right question and reply.