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Zofi 2019 breaking point

In the year 2019 I met my breaking point I got weary of spending my entire time in the same hoarded up house with the same two senior individual's who did nothing but verbally,emotionally,psychologically abuse me for all the assistance I offered. my generosity,time & effort to house duties & outdoor duties needed to be attended to I never received any amount of appreciation for anything I did. I was getting cursed at like a sailor or told to my face by carmacita  are you doing this to punish us? are you doing this to torture us? when how could i be possibly torturing anybody with the assistance that i would offer to make the house clean?

I even got weary of being chauffeured around that even played a add on to my depression I could not go anywhere or do anything could not spoil myself pamper myself or even chauffeur myself out to and from any of the place that i would go out to publicly unless someone was chauffeuring me around everywhere and then someone would make a complaint about carting me anywhere .i said i was not going to remain in this hoarded up house till i hit 50 some odd years old. I requested to go into see my psychologist who i had been a client of for twenty two years she was making every effort to try to get me to the point of gaining independence she wanted me to complete my college education just as much as i did at the university of the Ozarks I got accepted and received a congratulation letter in the mail on the amount of scholarship & grant fund's that would cover the cost of my bachelors degree I had no intention to live on college campus or dine on the college campus the idea was to have me six hours away from the premises accomplishing what I planned to do. the remainder of my toxic estrange family never wanted me to go they let there envy and spite and bitterness and dubious ways get in the way of me having and opportunity to be successful to complete my college education my psychologist even had stated in February of 2020 Zofi I tried to get them to help you out they would not budge or follow through and Carmacita would get mad and guilty cause she would deny saying things I had heard be said to my face she would even get inquisitive and asked how were you gonna get there? who was going to take you? Carmacita had no intention to assist me she did not even have the nerve to do so in 2019 or 2020.