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Zofi 2020

I wanted to be out of this hoarded up house in January my estrange toxic family had no intention to assist me with anything I had planned in a way that would benefit me and work for me. I had telephoned my psychologist to converse with her about the situations that occurred while she was still away on vacation she had made it clear she was not going to be back till august so she arranged to converse with me by telephone while she was out of town I had brought up the employment facility that one of my closes friends had worked for prior to graduating HS in 2011 & attending a little bit of time at southwest college in 2014.however my psychologist did not recommend it if I had not brought it to my psychologist attention then she would have known nothing about it I had no intention on utilizing that employment facility at all she was still not seeing what the underling issue really was we are speaking of a 25year old grown adult living under the roof of two senior individuals i cannot chaffer myself to and from anywhere i have no license no automobile an not enough financially to get me to the point of being independent. i had worked on my license in 2018 it was not even 100% finished the idea in the year 2018 was to get me to the point to be able to legally drive myself independently to an from where i wished an needed to go carmacita failed to do 100% of what was expected to be done to assist me that year my psychologist & counselor were even irritated at carmacita for failing to assist me all the way with the goal of getting me independently driving my psychologist even stated that carmacita agreed to assisting me with chaffering me to the DMV so i could get my drivers license i waited 10months till she finally decided to get around to it it was November of 2018 it was half way met through she refused to allow me to use her automobile she assumed i would have reckless ruin it like her drug addict son did with her red ram pick up truck the old hag did not even give me the shot at making it be a accomplishment the old hag took advantage of me an lied to my psychologist i agreed to wanting it done 100% all the way i wanted there to be action she had no right to compare me to my estrange drug addict sibling im not like him.